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MAD-Regrowth Serum Best for Alopecia

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MAD-Regrowth Serum Best for Alopecia

Our MAD- Regrowth Serum is a dermatology and clinically tested, weightless, fragrance-free hair growth formula that inhibits DHT production. It promotes growth, thicker and longer hair in women suffering from early to moderate stages of alopecia.

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ProRoller™ & MAD-Regrowth Serum Duo

Our ProRoller™ creates a pathway for our hair growth products to travel deeper into the scalp which improves the absorption of our products to deliver more noticeable results.

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Best Value

Ultimate ProRoller™ + Super Growth Set

Using our ProRoller™ & MAD-regrowth serum in conjunction with our hair repair biotin gummies will fast track your hair growth and instantly stimulate dormant hair follicles caused by early stages of alopecia to create optimal environment for hair regrowth.


MAD-Regrowth Serum Best for Alopecia

ProRoller™ & MAD-Regrowth Serum Duo

Ultimate ProRoller™ + Super Growth Set

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Our customers report seeing results after 90 days of consistent use. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we have a money-back guarantee.

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Ultimate ProRoller™ + Super Growth Set