Instructions-ProRoller™ Scalp Rejuvenation Tool

Before using our ProRoller™ Scalp Rejuvenation Tool, make sure your hair and scalp are clean (best to use on dry hair).  Use our ProRoller™ on the scalp in the trouble area only.  This process will awaken dead/dormant hair follicles.  Gently glide the ProRoller™ from side to side, back and forth in all directions over the scalp for about 5-10 seconds. You will want to do several passes in each spot for the best results.

We recommend using the ProRoller™ Scalp Rejuvenation Tool in conjunction with one of our hair products such as our MAD-Regrowth Serum, Advanced Hair Oil to maximum your results. We recommend using the ProRoller™ once or twice a week for the first month, two to three times a week in the second month and once a month after three months of treatments or as needed.

Warning: Do not use the ProRoller™ through loose hair, on the face, eyes, or body.  Separate from hair loss, if you have a known skin condition such as keloids, it is important to talk to your dermatologist before using our ProRoller™, as it may further aggravate the skin.